Joint Survivorship


What Is a Joint Survivorhip Or Second To Die Life Insurance Policy?

Is a life insurance policy that covers the lives of two people instead of one. However, proceeds are only payable after the second insured person's death. Joint survivorship is generally designed to help us protect our estate from inheritance taxes !

Is It For Us ?

If we have or anticipate having large estates, or other personal reasons. (consult with your estate plan attorney)

What's Our Benefit?

The cost is generally lower than insuring both lives individually (Depending on age differences) Policy may still be available Even if one of the two is uninsurable.

Be sure to discuss it with your estate planning attorney if you need such insurance and how much! Estate planning attorneys can help reduce expenses associated with probate court and lowering estate taxes by proper planning in advance! IRS Form 1041 U S Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts